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What constitutes a healthy diet-What is healthy eating

What constitutes a healthy diet is a question very few people can understand its answer. A Healthy diet contains right quantities of foods from different food groups to encourage healthy living. shows you what type of results you can expect from Phenq. Diet is not a thing, which is not only referred to a dietary regimen to get rid of fats, instead, it is a thing used for food eaten in a specific time period like a week or a month. A good diet is full of nutrients that promote healthy lifestyle and it includes a wide variety of food in a suitable proportion. This variety of food should contain water, fruits, vegetables, protein, dairy, whole grains, fats, and sugar.

Healthy eating:

Healthy eating can be maintained by a balanced diet. A balanced diet should contain all right nutrients of food from all the food groups to keep a person healthy. Your health is the most important thing in a life to care about and you must have to know that what constitutes a healthy diet in an order to maintain a healthy living.

Food groups in our diet:

Here is an answer of what constitutes a healthy diet. According to nutritionist and professionals you have to take a balanced and healthy diet, you have to try:

  • Eat 5 A day.
  • Base meal on food having enough starch like bread, rice, potatoes or pasta.
  • Take dairy products or alternatives like milk, yogurt, cheese, butter or soya drinks.
  • Add some pulses, beans, eggs, meat, fish, and other protein.
  • Use some unsaturated oils and spreads in small amount
  • Drink plenty of unprocessed fluids.

Just don’t use fat, sugar, and salt in more amount. Try to choose the variety of nutrients in your diet to get fit and healthy like vegetables, fruits, fiber or oily fish.

Fruit and vegetables:

Fruit and vegetables are rich sources of minerals and vitamins and these should be part of our food everyday in the proportion 1:3. So try to have snacks on fruits or vegetable salads and soups to keep up healthy living. By consuming more fruits and vegetables you will lower the risk of stroke, heart diseases, and cancers.

So eat an apple, banana or grapes whenever you feel hunger. Add Russian salad for your evening snack or eat a bowl of plain yogurt to control the deficiencies of vitamins and minerals in your body.

Starchy foods in your diet:

What constitutes a healthy diet is a question you don’t know an answer about. Its answer contains a part, which is called starchy foods. It should also be a part of the healthy diet in the proportion of 1:3 again.

We have to eat the moderate amount of starchy foods like potatoes and whole grain etc. You have to eat potatoes with skin in different forms like jacket potatoes or boiled potatoes. Potatoes are rich in vitamins and fiber.

Milk and dairy foods:

Dairy foods like milk, yogurt and cheese are good sources of protein. They are also rich in calcium, which is needed to make your bones strong. So drink milk in as much amount as you can and use yogurt and cheese with every meal to be healthy ever.

If you want to lose weight go for skimmed milk, lower-sugar yogurt, soya milk, soya cheeses, soya yogurts, lower-fat hard cheeses etc.


Rich sources of protein are pulses, beans, meat, fish, eggs etc. so add protein in large amount to repair your body and build stronger muscles to keep up a healthy living. These foods are also the good factory of vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc, vitamin b, vitamin b12.

Fish is a most important source of protein and it is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, so you must have to try fish 7-8 times a month. And, Eat eggs for breakfast, nuts for snacks and pulses with lunch.

Oils and spreads:

Fat is not your enemy. These are needed for your body to perform its function well, so add fats in a right proportion in your diet. Go for unsaturated oils and spreads. Unsaturated fats can help you to control your bad cholesterol.

Eat less saturated fat and sugar:

Sugar and saturated fats are also needed for your body but use them in a very small amount. Too many fats that are saturated is bad for your cholesterol level as it can develop heart disease. Sugar consumption is also very dangerous to your health because of its ability to increase the risk of tooth decay and obesity. Find out ways to go without sugar and unsaturated fats to make healthier choices.


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