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What Pest Control Treatment Methods Can You Use To Eradicate Pests?

In our last post, we examined a tiny bit on the diverse Pest Control medications that Killem Pest brings to the table. Be that as it may, what are the treatment strategies utilized, to guarantee that these troublesome irritations avoid our own spaces?

Treatment strategies fluctuate for various irritations, for instance, pest control sg the routes used to annihilate mosquitoes are altogether different, when contrasted with those techniques that help dispose of termites. A long time of experience have enabled us to calibrate and furnish you with the best administration!

Mosquito Treatment

Mosquito Treatment is isolated into 2 regions. The primary focuses on the hatchlings populace, and the second targets grown-up mosquitoes. Treatment can be done by means of:


Larviciding is when there is a use of bug spray, which is particularly focused at the larval phase of the mosquito. A careful examination for any potential reproducing ground will be led before we complete the larviciding treatment, and this will control the populace, in this manner keeping the hatchlings from achieving the grown-up stage.

Warm Fogging

Warm Fogging is the use of bug spray through water beads in an exceptionally noticeable mist to target grown-up mosquitoes. It is ideal, to haze when mosquitoes are most dynamic keeping in mind the end goal to get the best outcomes, as warm hazing just kills grown-up mosquitoes which are there around then.


Clouding applies the bug spray, by covering a huge surface zone, utilizing an exceptionally productive engine blower with solid weight. This makes an obstruction of security, with a long leftover and fast knockdown impact. It is unscented and has low intense mammalian harmfulness.

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