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Mera Saeein 2 – Episode 14

For reasons unknown, this scene didn’t abandon me needing more. I didn’t exactly appreciate this scene as much as I did the past ones, generally in light of the fact that I suspected that a few scenes were delayed and extended to the degree where it could have been abbreviated. So once more, not much to discuss, but rather it could have been a superior scene.

To begin with, Iftikhar has pretty much had it with Shazmeen and Erum, for the most part in light of the fact that as much as he tries to cover them up, they stay careless as he would like to think. I feel like he’s recently going to abandon them both by the following scene. best pakistani dramas Shahzaman has removed himself from Malik Yawar’s grip, and is presently doing everything voluntarily. This was one of the scenes that I think could have unquestionably been made shorter. It just felt like it proceeded endlessly. Be that as it may, that slap was truly necessary, despite the fact that he merited a great deal more.

Then, Naina’s entire family has Naina persuaded that it was Shazmeen that murdered Anum and Faraz, not Shahzaman. What’s more, truly, now, I’m simply thinking how anybody can be so gullible. Truly lady, why might she need to slaughter her own girl? Utilize your brains for once and quit being so natural to control! Her character just chafes me. She falls under the control of anybody and thinks anything s/he advises her. As pitiful as that seems to be, there are individuals that exist like that all over the place.

Proceeding onward, we got another of those looks of Wajahat when Shahzaman debilitated Inayah that he needs a kid at any cost. It was very fascinating to perceive how he gradually is beginning to show attributes of Malik Wajahat through the seemingly insignificant details. In any case, would he say he will go too far and wed four ladies like his dad did to accomplish his objective? As per the front picture, it unquestionably appears to be so! Lastly, Erum meets her old companion Soha, who appears to be extremely keen on Anum’s murder – a bit excessively intrigued on the off chance that you ask me. Something about her appears to be truly fishy, or perhaps it’s simply me.

Generally speaking, not an incredible scene and it could’ve been something more. Don’t recognize what happened, yet we should trust this dramatization doesn’t begin to get powerless and go into a defeat. I figure you could call it a filler, or a continuation of the past one however in a similar scene. By and by, I suspected substantially more could have been included. In any case, once more, the cast is making a magnificent showing with regards to and they have such a great amount of science between every one of the characters that paying little heed to the gradualness, it spared the scene. Will keep observing however!

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